What is the difference between a private and a communal cremation service?

Heaven's Gate Pet Memorial Center offers two types of cremation service: private and communal. Private cremations are done with only your pet in the cremation chamber, ensuring that only their cremains are returned to you. A communal cremation will include other pets in the cremation chamber, and the cremains are scattered at FieldHaven's ranch in Lincoln, CA. Private cremation services are the most popular. 

How do I know the remains I receive are from my pet?

Our cremation specialists track your pet from the moment you entrust them into our care. We use a tag system: the tag is assigned to your pet and stays with them the entire time they are with us. The tag ensures all pets are accounted for and tracked carefully. 

Are the paw prints really my pet's paws?

Yes. Our cremation specialists take great care to collect an impression of your pet's paws. These impressions are tracked with the same tag information we use to keep track of your pet.

How long until my pet is returned to me?

Most pets are able to be returned to you within 3-5 days. 

What if my pet has passed and it's after-hours? 

We are so sorry for your loss. Please call us and leave a voicemail: (530)-377-9709. You will be contacted the next morning. No appointments are needed for our services. In the meantime, we recommend keeping your pet in a cool, dry place. You can arrange for our specialists to pick up your pet during business hours the following day, or bring your pet into our office at 603 4th St. in Wheatland, CA. 

Do I need an appointment?

No. However, same-day (witnessed) cremations are by appointment only. 

I'm not able to pick up my pet's ashes. Can you ship them to me?

Yes. Please call (530)-377-9709 to arrange shipment. 

Can I be present for my pet's cremation?

Yes, same-day private cremations may be witnessed by appointment only. Please call us for appointment availability. 

Can I scatter my pet's ashes?

Yes. With a private cremation you can choose to have your pet's ashes returned to you in a beautiful wooden urn or in a bamboo scatter pouch. There are specific guidelines in many states about where you can scatter ashes. For example, National Parks often will allow the scattering of ashes, but you may need a permit, permission from the park rangers, and scattering away from trails or environmentally sensitive areas. You may scatter ashes on your own private property, but anywhere else, ask permission and gain a permit if required. More information can be found here.
We offer communal cremations and spread the ashes at a beautiful ranch in Lincoln owned by Fieldhaven Feline Center. 

My pet was left in the care of a vet. How do I pick up their cremains?

Contact your vet for more information about picking up your pet's ashes.

What type of animals do you accept?

Our services can be used for any animal within our weight restrictions. Animal weight also affects the price of our services. If you have questions, feel free to call or send an email.
0-20 lbs | $139.00
21-50 lbs | $159.00
51-100 lbs | $189.00
100 - 150 lbs | $219.00
151 - 200 lbs | $259.00

Do you accept donations?

Yes. Donations of unopened pet food, gently-used toys, blankets, towels, and beds are all taken to Sutter Animal Services in Yuba County by a volunteer. Bring your donations directly into our shop on 4th st. in Wheatland.
Cash donations are accepted and used to help cover the costs of cremation for customers who may not be able to afford services. 

Have a different question?

Call us during business hours at (530)-377-9709 to speak with a cremation specialist. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, products, or the cremation process. You can also email us at heavensgatepmc@gmail.com.