Memorial Products

Owning a pet can be an incredibly fulfilling life experience: They give you reassurance, unconditional love, and unmatchable attention. Letting go of your cherished pet can be a challenge.

At Heaven’s Gate Pet Memorial Center, we know how important getting closure is once you lose a pet. This is why we provide professional pet cremation services and memorial treasures to commemorate your beloved companion.

A table displaying various memorial products.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a unique way to memorialize your pet's name on our Tree Of Life urn.

Four clay paw print impressions.

Clay Polymer Paw Prints

Our most popular paw print memorial, these prints are done in terra cotta or white and include a display easel.

Foam Paw Prints

The foam paw print is our most economical memorial of your pet's paw.

Name Plates

Customize your pet's nameplate with symbols and words in your choice of brass, aluminum, or chrome.

Keep your pet close to your heart with a sealed necklace containing a portion of their ashes. Includes a 20-inch silver chain.

Three different wooden pet urn boxes with name plates.


We offer a variety of urns and tribute items that will capture the essence of your beloved pet. Ask us about personalization options. More options are available in our showroom. Stock may vary.

Three black photo pet urn boxes.

Photo Urns

Four photo cube pet urns in purple and white.

Photo Cubes

Arielle Hearts

One classic bronze pet urn engraved with paws.

Classic Bronze Paws

Two Radiance style engraved pet urns.


One Black Engraved pet urn.

Black Engraved

Three different sizes of Silver pet urns.

Silver Engraved


Four cat silhouette pet urns in various colors.

Cat Silhouette

Two mother of pearl pet urns in large and small sizes.

Mother Of Pearl

Three small classic pet urns in granite, slate, and crimson.

Small Classic

Two medium pet urns in gold and blue and two small pet urns in green and pink.

Classic Marbled

Nine assorted color small pet urns in a display.

Keepsake Assorted

Five small assorted brass and pewter pet urns on a display.

Keepsake Brass & Pewter

Five mini pet urns in blue, pewter, and black with engravings.

Micro Urns in Blue, Pewter, Black

Five mini-sized engraved bronze pet urns.

Mini Bronze

A display of pet urn memorial bracelets.

Memorial Bracelets

A display box of various silver pet urn memorial rings.

Memorial Rings

Two pet urns shaped like books with a rabbit and a cat atop each.

Animal Books

Three wooden cat pet urns in various colors.

Sleeping Kitty

Three relaxed cat pet urns in various colors.

Cozy Cat

Four elite cat pet urns in various colors.

Elite Cat